Tips on How to Improve Skills in Writing Articles

Article writing and blogging requires writing skills. Everyone can write articles in journals and blogs even if they’re not good at it. Writing normal articles won’t take an individual to the next level. If he wants to make a good impression and generate money from blogging or writing articles, he must improve his skills in article writing. Constant practice in writing and reading other articles to enhance vocabulary and to learn writing styles are all essential in a writer’s journey in developing his writing skills.

Writing Articles

For newbies, this article will provide various tips and techniques on improving their skills in writing articles:

•Don’t procrastinate. Even if it’s a short or a long article, what’s important is the initiative to start writing.

•Write articles during mornings. A lot of professional bloggers and writers prefer to write contents at the start of the day. This enables them to think of fresh ideas and stuffs. Furthermore, the early morning ambience is energetic and quiet which makes them focused and in the mood to write. It will not hurt to give it a try.

•Read a lot. Blogging and writing articles entails good reading. This will help the mind to create thoughts on particular topics. As mentioned earlier, it also helps in enriching one’s vocabulary.

•Write simply. Simple online writing can provide good traffic because readers tend to visit contents that are concise and written appropriately.

•Follow various stages in article writing. Creating an article needs time and each writer and blogger should understand that articles would have to pass through different stages. First, he must analyze the topic that he’s going to write. Second, he must provide a list of ideas for that particular topic. Third, he must construct sentence and complete paragraphs of his article. Fourth, he must edit his article. Last but not the least, he must do proofreading.

Keep in mind that these 5 stages require specific amount of time. Scheduling these stages will surely provide healthy and high quality contents.

•Stay away from distractions when writing. A lot of bloggers and writers have accounts in various social media networks that can distract their focus in article writing. Not to mention, the environment around them can contribute to it as well. For this reason, it’s recommended to write in a peaceful environment and avoid the use of mobile phones and social media networking sites while writing.

•Write smoothly. In order to create more attractive and much better content, do not edit the article while writing it. Just keep the thought flowing and do the editing when finished. The trick there is that creating articles and editing them works in the brain’s different sides.

•Gather information before writing. As mentioned above, there are stages to be followed in article writing. Before starting those stages, thorough researching about that particular topic must come first. This can provide increased knowledge on that topic and having deeper knowledge will result to creating informative articles.

•Give specific amounts of time for everything. It is essential to spare separate amounts of time for researching, actual writing, proofreading, marketing and etc. This is to ensure that a writer is doing well in every process.

•Write down the research. Writing articles is not easy and cannot be finished in just one stage. While doing the research, use a notebook and pen to note down eye-catching sentences for the selected topic. It will ensure that the readers are interested in reading the written contents.

•Write articles regularly. As the saying goes: “Practice makes a person perfect”. To become a good article writer, he should make it a point to constantly write articles.

Following all the tips and techniques mentioned above is helpful in the future. So have the patience and constant habit of writing articles and improved skills will surely come along the way.

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    Great article for writing skills which everyone needs to know. Article writing and blogging requires writing skills. Must read!

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