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Unique and stylish, custom lanyards have become an important part of daily life. People can see them everywhere, from the office to your favorite sporting events. But, many are not aware that these inexpensive tubular pieces of synthetic cloth are not just worn around the neck to hold proximity and identification cards.

Here are a few examples of how people around the world use them:

1. O-Ring, Water Bottle Holder

A single O-ring attached to a custom lanyard is perfect for carrying water bottles on the go. Customers have the option to include an ID holder that hides the O-ring, or have the lanyard dedicated solely to carrying water bottles. Companies with field workers love using them as ID holders and giveaways. A favorite freebie during big sporting events like triathlons and decathlons, it can be worn around the neck or shoulder. Often bearing the name of the sponsors, these are also given as promotional materials during the days leading to these events.

2. Custom Lanyards With Clip-on Hand Sanitizers

Custom LanyardsThis kind of lanyard is often used as an ID holder in hospitals, day care centers, and medical missions. The unique design of this lanyard enables the user to use a clip on to attach a small generic hand sanitizer bottle. Specially designed for employees in constant exposure to germs, doctors and nurses love using them. These personalized lanyards are also often given as freebies in medical missions by big hospitals around the world, to promote grooming and personal sanitation.

3. Neck Organizer Badge and ID

This custom lanyard has a badge that acts as a small packet where notes and pens can be stored. The front facing side of the actual badge can be requested to include a clear plastic to display proximity and identification cards. Perfect for messengers, investigators, delivery personnel, and medical sales representatives. These lanyards are designed for people who are in constant need to take down quick notes and a place to store pens.

4. Neck and Shoulder Wallet Badges

These custom lanyards are often seen in delivery riders, messengers, and collectors. The wearable badge that doubles as a wallet enables the user to store important notes, bills and coins. Restaurants love giving them as freebies during special promotions. Customers love these freebies as they prove to be very handy and useful as well. They are often given to new and loyal customers hoping that they would provide free advertisement for the establishment or brand.

5. Custom Lanyards with USB

These are often worn around the neck in institutions or companies related to technology and computers. The quick and easy way to store USBs provide a lot of convenience to ITs and computer maintenance personnel. These are often seen in tech events and computer workshops around the world. The lanyard is provided with a generic loop guard that can be attached to any USB device to secure them and hold them in place. This personalized lanyard will make sure that all important documents are stored and can be easily accessed anytime. USBs are small storage devices that can store numerous documents and computer files. Its small size makes them prone to being lost, so this personalized lanyard tries to address that issue by making it quick and easy to store and find USBs.

6. Custom lanyard with Clear Vinyl and Rollers

ID holders are probably the most common type of lanyards around the world. This not only provides a convenient way to be identified, it also provides an avenue to reflect corporate branding by incorporating a design that would reflect the company’s image. Rollers are also added for the benefit of proximity cards.

Quite frankly, these are only a few common examples of lanyards customized to meet client needs. There are more in the market today; and more will be made, as numerous corporations discover new ways to maximize its potential. Surely, you will never look at lanyards the same way again!

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