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When it comes to hobbies, nothing could be as interesting and as fun as collecting challenge or military coins. It is to be noted that collecting these types of coins may be similar to the hobby of gathering in old currencies. A lot of people with collections of these items could easily impress others through the colorful array of what they have on display. It is true that challenge coins have originated in the military (as what the popular notion says) but its civilian use today have really given rise to many designs and coin values that makes collecting a very good hobby.

Military CoinsThese military coins could now be bought online, traded between collectors, bought at charity events and auctions, and even be earned by becoming a member of an organization or achieving commendable feats while being a civilian. There is no more limit as to who can get access to collectible challenge coins at the current times. Of course, this doesn’t apply for coins that are exclusive only for members of a certain group, government branch, or the military.

Collecting military coins could be a fun and worthwhile thing. Of course, there are many tips that could be used when it comes to making sure that the collector stays happy and contented. One of the best tips about collecting these coins is that one must be able to commit to research on the items being sought after. Yes, there are coins which sellers would claim that belongs formerly to a military regiment or any organization. When such claims are being made, a collector must never hesitate to call the organization to verify things.

Of course, such efforts must be made when an individual is after a rare type of coin that is being sold for a considerable amount of money. As an example, if somebody is trying to sell a “Bulldog Challenge Coin” of the US Air Force, one must know what it is. It is currently rare as the B-52 tail gunner regiment was phased out in 1991. The US military department could provide information as to what features are present in an authentic Bulldog coin.

Another thing that collectors of military coins should remember is that proper care, preservation, and handling should be observed. This is if the coins are meant to be traded or sold in auctions in the years to come. The coins become useless if its body or any part will be tampered with or become damaged. Serious collectors store their items in glass cases or even in vacuum sealed containers. Fortunately, many sellers or shops offer many storage products and options for collectors to choose from.

It is to be remembered too that most challenge or military coins that are available these days on the market should not cost too much. This is especially true for those that have been custom made for civilian organizations. One could get these challenge coins for as little as $10 each. The pricing would go up depending on the kind of materials used on the items, shipping and handling fees, and other charges that the seller will impose on the purchase. There are rare coins that could cost $1500 or more but one should be aware of how to make safe purchases of such items. Always verify the legitimacy of the seller as well as the authenticity of the items being sold.

Collectors should also be wise enough to catalogue the items they are acquiring. Keeping important data about each item in the collection would be  helpful when there are plans to dispose the coins in an auction or in an online shop. Buyers will be more convinced to buy parts of these collections or the entire set if the owner really knows well what he is selling. In general, collecting challenge coins is a hobby that needs dedication, research skills, and of course a little bit of money. In the end, one could mark it as a worthwhile hobby to pursue.

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