Month: October 2016

Making sure that you always look your best is not petty as some people make it out to be. It is important for self-confidence and general well-being. Research shows that if a person knows that she is looking her best, she is able to face the world with confidence and enthusiasm.

We at NY BeautyBarSalon understand the value of beauty

This is why we employ stylists who are well-versed in the craft of making women beautiful and well-put together. We do not take a simple hair trim for granted. We know that a quick hair cut or a change in hair color can go a long way in making a client look and feel her best. The most basic hair styling can make you feel instantly more beautiful, more confident, and more professional.

In addition to helping you make long strides in improving your appearance, we at NY BeautyBarSalon also seek to improve how you feel. Going to a salon is not just about improving how you look. Although that is definitely part of the package, spa services do more than just upgrade the looks. It should also be about providing pampering and relaxation so that when you leave the spa, you not only look fabulous; you feel fabulous.

NY BeautyBarSalonIf you want a deeper make-over and extensive pampering – and you have the time to spare for it, you will enjoy our lavish spa treatments designed to pamper you no end. At the end of your appointment, you will leave our salon holding your head high up – feeling supremely confident in your make-over. You will feel rejuvenated, brimming with confidence and enthusiasm to get back to your routine.

You want someone to give your hair a shampoo and a quick cut. You want to have a new hairstyle befitting to your lifestyle. You want to change your hair color so that you will look”cool” and young. You need your hair styled for an important social event that you are attending. There are many beauty bars and salons that can give you the quick fix that you need. What makes NY BeautyBarSalon special?

Professionalism and Expertise

We make our clients look their absolute best. We are not propelled by mere aspiration. We have the training and expertise to do it. Our stylists have undergone intensive training in all facets of salon service. We have the basic services – shampoo, color, trims, styling, and the like. Clients trust our brand. They know that our experience and reputation give them the guarantee of top-notch professional service they can trust.

Dedication to Service

We not only have the expertise; we also have dedication to give service that satisfies. We pay attention to every detail of your beauty treatment. We treat each individual client with kid’s gloves. We do not just give the best professional service; we offer warm, personalized and caring service. We want to make everyone feel pampered and special when they come to our salon.

Top-notch Pampering

We know that most individuals go to salons not just to get the basic services they require. They go to salons to relax and recharge. Everyday routine can be a drain to your energy and enthusiasm. We want to give you back your love for life in the few hours that you spend in our salon. We want you to feel exceptionally special and give you the appropriate pampering.


Affordable Rates

We have been in the spa and beauty business for quite some time now – helping people acquire the look guaranteed to give their ego a boost. Our clients stay loyal to us because of our consistently excellent service quality. And we demonstrate our appreciation for this continued patronage by keeping our rates affordable. You get consummate expertise at competitive prices. This is how we keep our portfolio of clients growing.

Do you want to feel beautiful and rejuvenated with a simple make-over? Find out about our services. Or drop by NY BeautyBarSalon for a quick make-over that does wonders to your looks, as well as to your self-confidence and spirits.